Geisha Kyd is used to getting anything she wants. The spoiled teen hada better car than any of her friends until she got into an accidentand had to spend two weeks in the shop. Stuck with no ride, she turnsto the one person she knows won’t refuse her request. Putting on hersexiest skirt and fishnets, Geisha waits until her mom leaves for workand then finds her stepfather alone in his room. She tells you thatshe needs to borrow the car and when you hesitate, she informs youthat she knows all about the VR Porn you watch and the taboo fantasiesyou jerk off to when you think no one is home. Worried about what shemight say if you turn her down and very interested in what she has tooffer you, you agree to loan her the car, but only if she promises notto tell her mother and to show you what she’s got under that miniskirt. Geisha knows you have a big cock because she has heard the wayher mother screams when you fuck. She wants to see it and teases youuntil you take out your fat pole and start stroking it for her.Getting turned on herself, Geisha slips her fingers into her pussy andwonders how far you will take it. That dick is bigger than any of theguys she has ever fucked and she wonders just how deep stepdaddy’scock would fit in her tight teenage pussy. Next time she needs thecar, she is going to findout.

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