After a truly wonderful time at a party with her husband, Laura Booblock returns home in a very amorous mood. She has been dancingand having fun for hours and can’t wait to crawl into bed with him. Unfortunately, he is asleep before his head even hits the pillow, leaving Laura high and dry. She decides to take care of things by herself. She knows where her husband keeps his VR Headset and plans to watch some hot VR Porn, but wants to get the juices flowing with some old fashioned finger fucking. Pulling out her huge tits, she rubs her nipples hard while her fingers slip easily into her hungry slit.When she is right on the verge of cumming, she notices her stepson in the room watching with his dick in his hand. Laura is momentarily embarrassed, but one look at your throbbing cock changes her mind. He ismuch bigger than her husband and clearly ready to give her what she needs. She wraps first her lips and then her tits around your cock before bending over her husband while you fuck her slutty hole from behind. He is useless as a lover, but hubby makes a good sex pillow while shegets nailed the bigger, younger dick. She can see you staring at her tits on every stroke, Laura wraps them around your dick again and takes you right to the edge. She has other plans for your seed though and rides you until you pump cum deep into her pussy. Since her husband wasn’t up to the challenge, she is happy to have you take a shot at knocking up your slutty stepmom. To keep you quiet, she promises to fuck you any time you want. Just don’t tell dad.

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