Fuck your Al Bhed dream girl Dresden as Final Fantasy X: Rikku in our new 180-degree stereoscopic vrporn cosplay parody only on VR. You are about to cross the Thunder Plains, on the way to MacalaniaWoods. Venturing the plains is always dangerous due to the never-ending thunderstorm. But more precisely because of Rikku. That sweet little cutie is a kind-hearted and energetic young babe. Her only flaw? She’s got a massive fear of lighting. That fear is worse than the storm itself. As she begs you to keep her safe, what will you do? You’ve always had asoft side for those babes in distress. So why not go to a nearby travelagency for some well-deserved rest? Rikku might show you her devoted gratitude by going down on you. As long as you keep her safe, she’ll fuck the thunder out of your brain. So grab your Quest 2, Vive, PSVR or Valve Index and jump into this steamy thunderous 180-degree VR Final Fantasy XXXperience.

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