Anita Blanche is very well taken care of by her hard-working husband.She enjoys the big house and unlimited spending but lately has beenfeeling neglected. He is so busy working all the time that he hasn’tgiven her much attention. She sees her stepson out by the pool anddecides to have a little fun. Putting on her most revealing bikini andgoes outside. You are inside watching VR Porn and she decides to turnoff the wifi, forcing you to come outside. When you do, you get a goodlook at your leggy stepmom and her toned, tight body. As soon as shenoticed you looking, Anita starts sliding her bikini to the side togive you a peek at her firm nipples and her tight, shaved pussy. Youcan’t believe how good she looks as she slips all the way out of herbikini. Things get even hotter when she invites you to get naked withher. Anita wants to see you stroke your cock while she touches herpussy. Watching you wank and knowing how much you want her turns theslutty stepmom on more than anything she can remember. She gentlyopens the wet lips of her hungry pussy. You pump even harder when sheasks if you would like to shoot a big load between her open legs. AsAnita starts to cum she blurts out that next time you need release,you should come to her instead of your VR headset. This pushes youright over the edge and you shoot your load all over your sluttystepmom.

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