Paula Shy has changed a lot during her first year in college. Her stepbrother can’t believe how much she has grown up and can’t keep his eyes off of her. One night while she is showering, her stepbrother sneaks into the bathroom and spies on her naked body. This is even better than the VR Porn you watch when you are alone. She looks so good that you can’t help yourself and starts stroking your cock. When she sees you, Paula is startled but not upset. If you want to watch, she doesn’t mind, but she would rather help you out. Your cock is hard and she loves the way it feels in her hands and how it tastes when she sucks it. She likes your dick so much that she bends over and begs you to fuck her from behind. They are both really turned on when they hear her mother come home. The next morning you go into Paula’s room while she is still asleep. She wakes up and you have her pose for some pictures.Shocked at first, she gets turned on when you slide a finger into her pussy from behind. It is time to finish what they started. After a quickBJ to get your dick wet, Paula gets on top and slams her hips down until she feels every throbbing inch of your boner inside of her. This time there is no one to stop you so you unleash all of you forbidden lust on each other. She rides you all the way to the edge and then sucks your load from your dick, savouring the flavour and promising that is going to have a lot more sex now that she’s home.

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