Emily Mayers is all alone with her stepfather and stepbrother for theweekend. Her mom is off on a business trip and the pretty teen hasspecial plans. She has seen the way her stepfather looks at her andhas caught her stepbrother jerking off to sister themed VR porn morethan once. While serving her stepfather breakfast, Emily sees youchecking her out and starts to tease you by revealing that she isn’twearing any panties. You are shocked by the brazen display but doesnot turn away as she moves in closer and gives you a perfect view ofher tight young twat. She watches your bulge grow in your jeans andknows that she has you. Even with father just feet away, you can’tresist when she takes your cock out and puts it into her mouth.Thinking you might just cum quickly in her mouth, you are shocked whenshe strips and mounts your dick. In this VR porn scene, you have tostay quiet with father so close, but you can’t stop once you feel thatsilky smooth slit on your stiff sword. She takes every inch frombehind, knowing you have dreamed of this a million times and lovinghow hard she makes your meat. As she feels your body shaking and yourclimax approaching, Emily moves to her knees and sucks as hard as shecan. Staying as quiet as you can, your load explodes all over herpretty face. Just at that moment, her stepfather turns around andcatches you. Emily runs away embarrassed, but she knows who is nextand she can’t wait.

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