Sharon White has been working very hard to support her family whileher husband is working overseas. After years at her firm, she has leftto try a new job and needs to impress her new bosses. On her firstday, she tries on a tight black dress that makes her feel sexy. Still,she is unsure of herself and needs another opinion. She knows that herstepson is home, watching VR porn in his room so she calls him out totake a look. One look at the expression on your face tells her all sheneeds to know. The dress looks great and she looks like a real VRpornstar in it. You tell her it looks fine, but she can already seethe bulge in your pants and makes you stay for a closer look. Enjoyinghow uncomfortable you are looking at her, Sharon bends over, asking ifthe dress is too tight in the back for a professional setting. Sheknows this of course and teases you “But does it make me lookfuckable?” she asks as she pulls it up, showing off her bare asscheeks. Speechless, you stand still, staring at your stepmom while shestares back at the throbbing boner in your jeans. As an answer, youpull out your cock and begin to slowly stroke it. She suddenlyrealizes how horny she is and how much you must like her. Encouragingyou to stroke faster, she takes off her dress, leaving on her heels atyour request. She watches your dick throb in your hand as you getclose and feel her fingers slip into her wet, horny hole. As shewatches your load shoot onto the floor, Sharon cums herself andwonders if the dress will have the same effect on her boss atwork.

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