Ariana Van X has her two best friends Lika Star and Kylie Green overto her house. Ariana’s mother is away on business and she knows shehas to ask her stepfather for permission to have her friends spend thenight. She has seen the type of VR Porn he watches when he thinks noone else is home. This gives her an idea on how they can convince you.She and her friends put on some pajamas and go into your room wherethey plead with you to let them have a sleepover. You are annoyed thatthey are interrupting you and shocked to see them dressed that way.Ariana sees you cover your lap with a pillow and whispers instructionsinto her friends’ ears. In this VR porn scene, they start hugging eachother and gently teasing you until you shock your stepdaughter bysaying that her friends can stay if they strip for you. They agreeright away and show you their tight teenage asses. The girls love totease and watching your reaction emboldens them. They have to getnaked, so you should too. If you want to see more, you are going tohave to take out your cock and stroke it for the horny coeds. They seehow big it is and Ariana understands why her mom makes so much noisein the bedroom. Your stroking has them turned on and they did promiseto do anything you want so when you tell them to cum, they all startbanging their pussies at the same time. The sight is just too much foryou and they all race towards a simultaneous climax. Out of breath youhear one of them say that it’s time for round two. How about a game ofTruth ofDare?

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