Amy Amor has been working hard on her twerking skills. She knows shehas the booty to be crowned “rump shaker” queen at her college butwants to keep practising until she has the moves down and no man canresist looking at her. The only male in the house is her stepbrotherand he is busy watching VR Porn as usual. Still, she needs youropinion and interrupts your VR porn fun to have you evaluate hertwerking. You are less than happy about being interrupted, but get onelook at Amy in her cut off shorts and fishnets and is instantlyinterested. Feeling flirtatious, she lifts up her top and shows offher big tits. You like what you see and ask her to take down hershorts. Amy was just planning on teasing you, but she can see thebulge in your pants and wants to see more. You take out your cock andstroke it while she smiles, encourages your first pumping and showsoff her naked twerking. Moving her ass like that and getting all theattention from you has Amy horny as hell. She doesn’t want tomasturbate alone and encourages you to get off with her. Her clit isthrobbing and her pussy soaked as she slips her fingers along thesmooth lips and into her tight pink hole. She thinks about all theguys watching her twerk and you jerking off to her and is pushed overthe edge. Amy can’t remember ever cumming so hard, but seeing the bigload you left on the floor she wonders if next time she might let youdo more thanwatch.

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