Dolly Diore has been married for a few years now. She has watched hereighteen-year-old stepdaughter Matty grow up before her eyes. Lately,she has been a little concerned that the pretty young woman is reallyimmature. She still has a doll beside her bed that she seems to alwaysbe playing with. In this VR porn video, Dolly peeks on Matty and findsthat she is doing some very intimate things with her favourite doll.When Matty realizes she is being watched, she is embarrassed and needsthe comfort of Dolly to calm down. Dolly explains that what she isdoing is perfectly normal, natural and healthy. However, she does havesome more grown-up toys for Matty to try out. The moment she feels thepowerful vibrations between her legs, Matty squirms and moans withdelight. Watching Matty cumming turns Dolly on so much that she stripsdown and joins the pretty young brunette. With the toy in use, sheslips her fingers inside of her pussy and strokes her clit. Beforethey know it, they are both kicking their feet and climaxing together.Matty is so thrilled by her new experiences that she throws herselfinto Dolly’s arms for a passionate embrace. She has learned so much insuch a short time. Dolly promises to show Matty the joys ofmasturbating to VR Porn next time and wonders how her husband wouldrespond if he could see the two of them naked in bedtogether.

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