Fuck Khloe Kapri in crystal clear 7K 180-degree stereoscopic virtualreality here at VR. You know, blind dates don’t always go sowell, hence your understandable skepticism. Today though, you decidedto try one more time, and thank God for that, because you’ve hit thejackpot. You’re immediately blown away by Khloe. Her attitude, hersexy silk dress, that set of black lingerie, I mean, damn. She’severything you could have hoped for. Not only that, but Ms. Kapriwants to get straight to business. Within no time at all, she’srubbing her bare ass against your cock, begging to give you a blowjob.This blonde spinner wants you. Get inside Khloe Kapri’s tight pussyand give her the orgasm she deserves and maybe, just maybe, she’llwant to see you again for round two.

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