Sweet Babe – Sarah Kay

12 Nov, 2021
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We’ve got a delicious delight for you; Sarah Kay, you’ve justgot to check out this stunning Czech chick from Prague. We meet her with her beaming smile and sex bomb body in a luxurious apartment. She starts off in a pink skirt with matching pink high-heals and tightblack top with her cheeky tits hiding inside. Sarah leads us up the stairs, she has a very naughty look in her eyes, teasing us with her magnetic sexual energy. Sarah slides onto the crisp white bed, her fingers smoothing all over her body, touching her toned legs and fantastic ass. We’d love to do that for her. Sarah has a magic facefor VR, she keeps near constant eye contact with you, smiling warmlyand sizzling hot, now she’s going to show you everything as your cock swells up hard. You’ll soon be spanking your monkey over this babe. Laying on the bed with those exquisite tits out, she’s looking a lot like she has something on her mind, is she going to pull her lacy little black panties off? Sarah looks so much fun, not quite so innocent and definitely horny. Her juicy wet pussy lips are throbbing to be fingered, it’s just the two of you, if only you could touch her clit for her, she’s excited that you’re watching her. All worked up, Sarah’s slips her finger into her panties, she’s desperately flicking her bean, she’s been dying for a lady wank. Her cunt pulses with orgasmic urges, you are looking into her eyes, close up you see her facial expressions of joy as she moans and cums, sticky fingers and soaking wet panties. Didshe leave you smiling as much as she did? Take you there in VR.

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